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Cheese (Peynir) is the staple breakfast dish, the inseparable friend of sucuk in toast snack  and the best friend of Turkish mums baking borek and other pastries. You might be surprised to hear that Turkish cuisine boasts around 200 types of cheese. Although you would usually find 20 types of cheese in 5 main categories (Kasar, Tulum, Mihalic, Lor and feta) in supermarket chains, you will find much more variety as you travel in Turkey. Below we have a list of popular Turkish cheese types. BEYAZ PEYNIR Literally meaning “white cheese”, this is the most popular cheese in Turkey, especially consumed for breakfast....

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Sure, we’re a bunch of urbanites here with access to Turkish restaurants in Sydney but we still get a craving for good old homemade Turkish dishes every now and again. Our love affair with kebabs and pides are well-known but we all have a soft spot for homemade kuru fasulye, tarhana, manti or sulu kofte. At her catering service, Dilek serves a diverse range of Turkish mum-kitchen classics. From traditional Turkish stews to hearty regional Turkish soups and from Mediterranean style olive oil based vegetarian dishes to central-Anatolian specialties, Dilek cooks from all regions of Turkish cuisine. Dilek’s Turkish upbringing...

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