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Adana is Turkey’s fourth largest city with an area of ​​14,030 square meters and nearly 2 million people. Adana is one of the most dynamic cities and the fifth largest city in Turkey after Istanbul , Ankara , Izmir and Bursa. The city has four districts, Yüreğir, Çukurova, Sarıçam and Seyhan.  Adana’s located at a very interesting spot, on the south lies the Mediterranean sea, north you have the central Anatolian plains, in the west you have the Taurus mountains and finally in the east you have the multicultural southern-eastern region. The city is an industrial and commercial centre that...

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Different parts of Turkey use different nuts for home-made Baklava; pistachio is used in the South-east, hazelnut is used in the Black-sea region,wallnut is used in central Anatolia,almond is used in the Aegean west, and sesame would be used in the Thrace. Sometimes baklava is served with thickened cream (kaymak). Ingredients for Baklava 3/4 Pound Butter (3 Quarter-Pound Sticks) Cut Into 1/4.Inch Bits 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 40 Sheets File Pastry; Each About 16 inches Long And 12 Inches Wide; Thoroughly Defrosted If Frozen 4 Cups Shelled Pistachio Pulverized In A Blender Or With A Nut Grinder Step by step...

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