Grill Republic - a hidden gem in Hunters Hill

Many cuisines have their own versions of barbecue restaurants and Turkey’s is called ocakbasi. Just like at a fish & chips shop, you won’t need a menu to order; you will be presented with a showcase of the day’s special and meaty dishes waiting to hit the grill. Patrons would typically sit near the grill and watch the grill master cook their meat.

Inside Grill Republic Hunter's Hill

This is the spirit of Grill Republic in Hunters Hill, where yes, there is a menu, but no, pay it no mind.

Pick your favorite dips or order from their side dishes: bulgur pilaf, stuffed wine leaves, kibbeh, then head straight to the meat.

Chunks of lamb, beef, chicken are kept succulent on Grill Republic’s grills, and the kofte plate is moist and pleasantly charred.

The ocakbasi - where all magic takes place

The grilled meats are served with pieces of Turkish pickles and lemon wedges on the side; which both accompany the kebabs with a splash of acid.

Pay special attention to the Turkish sausage. A Turkish breakfast staple, the spicy Turkish sausage, is delightful here and not too spicy. It is served with haloumi, pickles and mayo.

Kofte plate from Grill republic

With top-notch barbecue, a bistro-like setting, and a lower north shore address, makes Grill Republic the ideal destination for a Sunday lunch.

How to get to Grill Republic Hunters Hill

Grill Republic is located on 59 Gladesville Rd at Hunters Hill and is open 6 days (Monday closed) from 11am till 9pm.

How to order food or reserve a place at Grill Republic Hunters Hill

You can call Grill Republic at 02 8384 7821


Address: 59 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill NSW 2110

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