Seraglio Turkish Cuisine Lower North Shore Sydney

Many metropolitan Australians rely on take-away food and they probably assume the delivery comes from the restaurant they ordered from.

But that’s not always the case; there’s an increasing trend of food preparation done off site in ghost kitchens. Many restaurants now use the shared work spaces to prep and send order after order.

Seraglio Turkish Cuisine, a Turkish ghost kitchen, started serving online just as the pandemic was getting underway. Despite the awkward timing, they already appear to have found their footing.

Seraglio’s founder Rajab Bacha explains; “How can we offer something wonderful to the consumer at a sensible price, yet not have all the costs of a restaurant? That’s how the Seraglio Cuisine idea came about”.

Seraglio Turkish Cuisine offers an assortment of distinctive Turkish pide flatbreads and standout health-conscious homemade vegetarian dishes. The restaurant does not have brick and mortar locations however serves from a ghost kitchen in Crows Nest.

“Our customer base is largely made up of well-traveled urban professional couples who enjoy exotic dishes and have no time to cook or are too busy to dine out. They mainly use food delivery apps – which is where we market and sell.”
“We strive to popularize a modern approach to Turkish cuisine by crafting intricate and wholesome dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.” Rajab Bacha adds.

With dining trends hugely influenced by COVID19, Seraglio Turkish Cuisine was able to establish some online footprint in Sydney lower north shore.

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