What is the most delicious Turkish dessert; Trilece or Baklava?

At the entrance of many bakeries and fast food shops, you can see the following writing: – “Trilece is sold here”. Patisseries in elite sales-places compete in “making” the most delicious trilece and claim that theirs is the most original. Turkish journalists even make their list of “TOP – 10 places to enjoy trilece” in Istanbul or Ankara. Pastry masters offer various recipes in almost all newspapers in order to make the dessert. Likewise, there is “trilece craze” in Sydney and Melbourne Turkish communities too.

In Turkey trilece is known as an Albanian dessert. Some call it “the Old Yugoslavian dessert”.

A lice of trilece

However, “trilece” is derived from Spanish words: “Tres and Leches”, which mean “three kinds of milk”. Spanish cookbooks present recipes for the preparation of this dessert from the 19th century.

According to assumptions, Trilece was transferred to Turkey through Albania, during the war in former Yugoslavia. The “suspects” leading to this transfer are known to be Albanian immigrants which are among Balkan immigrants who settled in Turkey.

In Sydney, you can find trilece in Auburn of course. The most famous outlet is the “Menzil bakery” on Auburn road. Trilece is now also available at Arzum Market, a popular Turkish supermarket also in Auburn.

Whether it is from Latin America or Albania, its consumption and popularity in recent years seriously threatens the throne of Baklava. If you find baklava a bit too sweet and dry, perhaps it’s time to try trilece!

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