Brisbane’s Mado Turkish restaurant
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Brisbane’s Mado Turkish restaurant

Brisbane’s Mado Turkish restaurant

Mado Brisbane adds Turkish flavor to the dining scene in Southbank.

There are many items on the menu that are staple Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern in style. However as well as Mado’s other specialties, the aci ezme (Tomato, Onion Capsicum, Parsley, Turkish Hot Chilli) as entree and manti (Small dumplings filled with spiced ground beef tossed in a specially prepared caramelized tomato sauce and served with homemade yoghurt blended with garlic & mint.) as main dishes are the highlights of Mado Brisbane’s menu.

Mado Brisbane is located at Shop 1-3 underneath The Galleria Apartments on 15 Tribune Street at South Brisbane and is open seven days from 11am till late.

You can make a reservation by calling Mado Brisbane on 07 3844 7111

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Tel: 07 3844 7111


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