Turkish watermelon-feta diet

Turkish watermelon-feta diet

If the weather is too hot for your appetite or if you have some extra pounds to lose, try this traditional Turkish recipe to cool down and become a little lighter.

It is a summer classic for Turkish people to slice that red watermelon and serve it with salty feta. The couple might sound odd to those who didn’t grow up enjoying this partnership. The salt in the feta would tease your taste buds and would just make that mouth-watering watermelon taste sweeter than ever.

Watermelon is rich with lycopene which is great for heart and prostates. Latest research shows lycopene is also can be useful for healthy bones.

Watermelon helps you keep hydrated especially during summer when we lose lots body liquid through sweat. Also watermelon is great for regaining potassium that we lose through sweating.

Thanks to its water body, watermelon can be counted as a low calorie fruit. 150 grams of watermelon would only give you 45 calories.

Watermelon also contains Vitamin C, which helps detoxicate your body. 150 grams of watermelon gives you 20% of the Vitamin C your body needs each day.

Like all other fruits, watermelon too contains fructose which when consumed in large quantities can help you gain weight. Especially those with diabetes must be careful with watermelon consumption.

As food with protein takes longer time to be digested, the carbohydrates we consume with protein helps balance blood sugar levels. Therefore the watermelon coupled with feta helps balance our blood sugar level.

Tips: you may also serve watermelon-feta duo with some cucumber of some mint.

Afiyet olsun !

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