Cuisine fusion Souk Melbourne
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Cuisine fusion Souk Melbourne

Cuisine fusion Souk Melbourne

Restaurateurs Ergun Elmas & Vlad Kovacevic’s Souk Melbourne is a remix of Turkish and Middle-eastern flavour concepts presented in a contemporary millennial atmosphere.

The menu is far from traditional, despite the items being Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern in style. Lahmajoun (Thin-crust pide, spiced lamb, garden greens topping, pickles, zesty yoghurt tahini) and kuru fasulye (Slow cooked white Dermason bean stew, bbq’d beef sujuk, Tomato, isot pepper, Biber salcha, side of Pilaf rice) are the Turkish highlights.

Souk Melbourne is located on 13 Bligh Place and is open from Monday to Thursday from 4pm till late. The restaurant is open from 12pm till late on Fridays and from 5pm till late on Saturdays. The venue is closed on Sundays

You can make a reservation by calling Souk Melbourne on 03 8597 5444

Souk Melbourne Trading Hours

Monday to Thursday 4pm – late
Friday 12pm till late
Saturday 5pm – late Sunday – closed

Book your table at Souk Melbourne

Tel: 03 8597 5444


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