Drinking Turkish coffee daily helps longevity

Drinking Turkish coffee daily helps longevity

What is the secret of the Ikarians? With a life expectancy greater than 90 years, the lifestyle of locals from this small Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea has attracted the attention of scientists. A study published in Vascular Medicine, International Journal of Vascular Medicine, has linked the longevity in life with Turkish coffee.

While only 0.1% of Europeans go beyond the 90-year threshold, Ikarians easily exceed this age, with a rate of 1% and better health. Scientists were thus interested in their lifestyle and their coffee consumption habits. The age-related diseases as well as hypertension, diabetes of the islanders were identified and examined.

Coffee is good for the heart!

The researchers were also interested in the endothelium, the innermost layer of blood vessels in contact with the blood, which is the indicator of aging. All types of coffee used by 71 men and women aged over 65 revealed that 87% of these people drank Turkish coffee daily.

Research shows that daily consumption of a cup of Turkish coffee helps the cardiovascular health of seniors.

Gerasimos Siaosos, the scientist in charge of the study, stressed that Turkish coffee, which is rich in polyphenol antioxidant “contains a moderate dose of caffeine, [and] seems to combine the benefits in comparison with other caffeinated drinks.”

Note that the feature of this coffee, ground as finely as flour, is in preparation.
Elders at Ikaria play backgammon at a local cafe

Elders at Ikaria play backgammon at a local cafe

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