Elsternwick’s Arabesque Dining & Bar

Elsternwick’s Arabesque Dining & Bar

Restaurateur Ergun Elmas’s Turkish & Moroccan Restaurant Arabesque adds Turkish flavor to the dining scene in Elsternwick.

There are many items on the menu that are staple Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern in style. The menu is designed to give the mezes/share experience similar to Spanish tapas bars. Stuffed Calamari (calamari stuffed with cous cous, Turkish salami, olives preserved lemon & herbs braised in turkish salami) and chicken makloubeh (succulent morsels of poached chicken pieces served a top of grilled eggplant slices & a spiced lamb pilaf rice scented with cinnamon & allspice, scattered with toasted almonds & pine nuts with a side of jajik) are the highlights of their menu.

Arabesque is located on 1/1-3 Carre Street and is open from tuesday to sunday from 6pm – till late

You can make a reservation by calling Arabesque on 03 9523 1108

Arabesque Trading Hours

Tue – Sun: 6pm – till late

Book your table at Arabesque

Tel: 03 9523 1108

Website: https://www.arabesque.com.au

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