Hakiki Ice Cream cafe
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Hakiki Ice Cream cafe

Hakiki Ice Cream cafe

Authentic Maras ice cream and Maras-inspired Ice cream varieties and other Turkish sweet treats are offered at this immaculate ice cream shop displaying more than 10 Maras-inspired flavours, including Turkish specialties such as sour cherry, Baklava, pomegranate and tahini alongside the other Turkish desserts such as baklava, Turkish delights, fairy floss and kunefe.

Turkish coffee & tea varieties are also offered.

The eco-chic inner space features rustic furniture as well as timber bar stools facing the window which adds that unique neo-authentic dimension to Hakiki.

The service is friendly, location is convenient. The venue is packed Friday or weekend nights.

Hakiki Ice Cream cafe

Hakiki is on  1/63/71 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042

Learn more about Maras Ice Cream.

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