Interview with Brother Marcus Pedro

Interview with Brother Marcus Pedro

Ataturk ; I would ask him how he inspired the Turks. I am very impressed by the way he motivated Turkish people who had then lost everything they owned. He is a real genius

 QTurks : Welcome Brother Marcus, Can you please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Marcus : I was born as Mark Henry Bertie Pedro on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, and spent the early years of my life growing up living on Moa Island, in a village called St Pauls. After achieving my black belt in Kung-fu in the mid80’s I began working as a security guard in one of the biggest night clubs in North Queensland. Located in Townsville, this club is called ‘The Bank’. It wasn’t long afterwards that I became the nightclub’s resident DJ. It was at this point that I decided to change my name to ‘Marcus’, and coined the stage name ‘DJ Marcus’. In 1990 my DJ career came to a halt when I took up study at Johnstone TAFE College at Innisfail which then led me to The Queensland Police Academy in Brisbane. In 1994 I graduated as a Constable of Police in the Queensland Police Service. In 1998 I resigned from the Police Service, and started an all black male review group called ‘Hot Chocolate’. In 2000 I refound my passion for Djing when I took up Latin dancing at Rio Rhythmics, a Latin Dance Academy in West End, Brisbane.

Today, I am one of Brisbane’s well known Latin DJs. I wish to extend A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO RIO RHYTHMICS for giving me the opportunity to do what I do best; rock the crowd and make people happy.

After working for years in entertainment, I started searching to discover what my passions were. I worked with First Contact, an Aboriginal Corporation for youth, and there I realised that my passions are working with Indigenous Youth and Indigenous Health. This is how ‘Dance Combat’ came about. While I was doing ‘Dance Combat’ in different school in Brisbane, I realised that some of the students had very low self esteem, and were not motivated at all.That is when I developed ‘The Warrior Program’.

Now I travel to schools around Queensland giving Motivational Talks to primary and high school students.

 QTurks : Most people will wonder why we have a Torrest Strait Islander on a Turkish magazine. Can you tell our readers about your connection with the Turks or Turkish Culture?

Marcus : The first Turkish person I met was a girl named Gulay . We met in Gig night club in 1995. But we were never close friends, my first contact with Turkish culture was through Fatih Asar. A common friend, Fabricio Olivero, introduced us to each other. Since then Fatih taught me lots about his culture (I learned lots about Turkish religion, friendship and the Turkish cuisine) and I am really happy and proud to know Turkish people.

 QTurks : From what you learned from our culture, can you tell us about the similarities between your culture and our culture?

Marcus : First of all, we are two nations who suffered a lot. Other people took advantage of our peoples naivety. We both love our freedom. We have lots of legends and myths, You know, dreamtime, story telling … I know Turks do have lots of legends and myths too. I am very deeply touched by the “Oguz Kagan” and the “Ergenekon” legends. Both your nation and my nation have great respect for their ancestors. Islanders were hunters, so were Turks. Our people are people of land and sea.. Clean and naïve. I must say I am very sad to hear our brothers changing their names and using English names . Names are important, language is important. Our names are our identity; we shouldn’t change our names for anyone, for anything.

 QTurks : I have a question about your motivational programs. How do you motivate young ? What do you tell them?

Marcus : I share with the students my failures, my pain, my struggles, my frustrations, and most of all, my achievements despite the challenges. The two underlying messages that I deliver to the students at the end of my presentation are: 1. If I can do it, with no sound academic skills, you can do it too, but ten times better than I can! Why? Because you have all the support that I never had. Please take advantage of it.2. I believe in you. Your teachers believe in you. Your parents believe in you. But do you believe in yourself?!

 QTurks : those kids are enjoying your speeches. Now we have 2 more questionsbefore we finish our interview; Can you name me 5 people that you’d like to have dinner with ? Or 5 musicians… They can be from any time and any place..

Marcus : Is it okay if I name 6 ? I would start with Ataturk ; I would ask him how he inspired the Turks. I am very impressed by the way he motivated Turkish people who had then lost everything they owned. He is a real genius. Malcolm X ; One of the greatest freedom fighters in the history. Gandhi : Again , one of the greatest freedom fighters in the history. Mother Teresa ; She gave without asking anything back. Then comes Muhammed Ali because he is the greatest and the 6th person would be Bruce Lee – He is the man ! And for musicians : Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Prince and Celine Dion.

 QTurks : Thanks for the lovely chat Marcus.

Marcus : It was a real pleasure, I am sending my best wishes to all Turkish brothers and sisters ! Love and peace !

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