Maya Jupiter swings to Latino Flavor in LA

Maya Jupiter swings to Latino Flavor in LA

Aussie Hip-Hop artist with Mexican & Turkish roots; Maya Jupiter teamed up with the acclaimed East LA band Quetzal to co-produce her new; self-titled sophomore album with neo-soul singer Aloe Blacc.

Growing up with parents from two different cultures (a Mexican father and a Turkish mother) left an ineffaceable mark on Maya Jupiter. She grew up listening to traditional Turkish and pop music as well as Spanish-language jazz and soul music.

Having felt limited in Australia; Maya Jupiter moved to LA in 2008 on a musical mission. The underground MC was set on creating a hip-hop album firmly rooted in her Mexican heritage; while at the same time incorporating influences from other musical genres.

“..The sample-free; original instrumentation on her self-titled effort adds to her music’s unique appeal. A Latin American harp; requintos; jaranas; electric guitars; trumpets and keys round out her melodies; and there’s a striking use of live percussion instruments such as the quijada; caj

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