Rabia Kader in Australia
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Rabia Kader in Australia

Rabia Kader in Australia

Rabia Kadir has arrived in Sydney to speak with Australian Uighurs about the Chinese oppression on Uighur Turks in autonomous Uighur region in western China. The 62-year-old exiled activist is in Australia for the Melbourne International Film Festival where a documentary about her life; “The 10 Conditions of Love”; will be screened on August 8.

She was granted a visa despite strong opposition from the Chinese government. Speaking through an interpreter; Ms Kadeer said she wanted Australia to put diplomatic pressure on China for an independent inquiry into the riots. Rabia Kadir also said the Chinese government had forced two of her children; who are both imprisoned; to say she was responsible for the unrest.

Rabia Kadir expressed her gratitude to the Australian government for granting her a visa and said she would use her time in Sydney to meet with local Uighurs.

Chinese anger over a movie

China has mounted a campaign against the screening of The 10 Conditions of Love; and all seven Chinese-language films originally entered in the festival have been pulled out.

Meanwhile Chinese hackers launched a cyber-attack on the website of Australia’s biggest film festival by crashing the website. Online bookings for the Melbourne International Film Festival had to be shut down after the site was bombarded with phony purchases which resulted in the entire program being sold out.

A website in China titled “A Call to Action to All Chinese People” explained how to set up a fake profile to buy tickets; and aimed to crash the festival’s site in protest against its screening of “Ten Conditions of Love” and its hosting of the documentary’s subject; Uighur leader Rabia Kadir.

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