Tahir the funny guy

Tahir the funny guy

Having appeared on countless television shows including the trademark wog show Fat pizza and others like Footy show and Thank God you’re here – Turkish comedian Tahir has been cracking the Australian comedy scene with a hilarious look at all things that need no explanation!

Born in Turkiye, migrated to Australia with his parents at the age of 5, Tahir originally studied to be a teacher. After changing careers his over 13 years of stand up experience and his drama teaching background made him one of Australia’s best comedy acts.

Although being a celebrity in Australia, Tahir is almost unknown in Turkiye.  Traditionally, 2nd generation Turkish immigrant acts that were born abroad would find chance to get exposure in Turkish media but the physical distance between Australia and Turkiye makes this difficult. Another reason could be the fact that the Turkish diaspora in Europe are living in mostly non-English speaking European countries.

Having been praised by prominent Australian newspapers as ‘outstanding … comfortable and so quick with the audience’ and ‘top of his game … finest stand up comedians in this country’, Tahir keeps entertaining Australians and making his Turkish brothers and sisters proud.

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