Turkish directors to meet Australian movie fans

Turkish directors to meet Australian movie fans

Legendary Turkish director Nesli Çolgeçen is among the guests attending the Turkish Film Festival 2015 in Melbourne. Çolgeçen’s critically acclaimed Züğürt Ağa (1985) and Selamsız Bandosu (1987) are among the most celebrated and loved Turkish comedies of 1980s. Both movies featured comedy legend Sener Sen and an ensemble of major Turkish actors.

As well as directing Züğürt Ağa (1985) and Selamsız Bandosu (1987), he also made Kardeşim Benim (1983), İmdat ile Zarife(1991), Oyunbozan (2001), Ah Be Istanbul(2004), Son Buluşma (2007), Denizden Gelen (Zeytin Dalı) (2010)

Çolgeçen’s movie “Let the band play” is meeting Australian film lovers at the festival.

Other guests of the Turkish film festival include directors Özhan Eren (The Last Letter), Faruk Hacihafɩzoğlu (Snow Pirates), first time director Tunç Şahin (Mix Tape) and Ilksen Başarir (Once Upon a Time), and singer Yonca Lodi who performs the title song Until Eternity in the film Last Letter.

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