Turkish mum dies a hero

Turkish mum dies a hero

Demet Latifoglu died trying to save her sonSchool mourns primary teacher; who had taught at Isik College for more than 10 years.

Last week; a loving teacher from Melbourne school “Isik College” was swept away while trying to save her nine-year-old son Ekrem from a rip at the beach. The young boy who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome; continuously asks where his mum is even after she died at the unpatrolled Urquharts Bluff beach; near Anglesea. Demet Latifoglu was one of seven swimmers rescued from the waters near Anglesea. The 36-year-old went into cardiac arrest after being rescued by a helicopter and was treated by paramedics on the beach at Urquhart Bluff but then later died at her arrival in Geelong Hospital.

Demet Latifoglu’s death was such a tragic loss to the entire school community. Latifoglu was expected to return back to her job as a teacher; after taking six months’ long service leave. Instead; her distressed family would plan the teacher’s funeral.

There are signs on the beach by the entrances; stating that it is not patrolled; and that the wave currents are extremely strong in the area. However; it was advised that the signs should be more striking and give accurate warnings about the rip.

The death of Demet Latifoglu has also called forth Lifesaving Victoria to consider patrolling waters off the beach where the mother got into complication during her rescue.

Demet Latifoglu with her colleagues at Isik CollegeMehmet Latifoglu; twin brother of Demet loved her dearly; and stated that she was the perfect example of what a single mother was. She did everything necessary in order to ensure the safety of her son Ekrem. He also stated that although she knew how to swim; she wasn’t a very strong swimmer. Regardless if she was; no one believed that she would have a chance of surviving such rips as the ones that were present that day.

Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu phoned Demet Latifoglu’s family to extend his condolences. Davutoglu said; The Turkish Government was ready to supply Demetoglu family with whatever is desired. Isik College; head principal Tuncay Terzi expressed that Ms Latifoglu was a role model who could never be replaced. Terzi; also considered the idea of getting a building named after Demet.

Her memory will continue to linger on and her heroism will never be forgotten.

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