University of Queensland students form Turkic club

University of Queensland students form Turkic club

A group of UQ students formed a student club to embrace and explore their Turkic roots. UQ Turkic Union is an apolitical and non-religious club; dedicated to uniting all UQ students from the Turkic background. The club is all about celebrating the common heritage; culture; languages and history of Turkic peoples around the world.

Club members at the awards ceremony

The average Australian might not be aware that Turkish people have common ethnic roots with the people of Azerbaijan; Uighur (autonomous region in China); Kazakhstan (not the fictional country in Borat series); Tatarstan (an autonomous republic near Moscow); Kyrgyzstan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan and Hungary (surprised?). This is thanks to the nomadic and adventurous nature of our ancestors from central Asian steppes who just could not just stay in one part of the world but conquered or settled in at different parts of Asia and Europe.

Despite being the first Turkic club in Australian universities; the group already attracted more than 80 members and was nominated for UQ’s best student club awards. The club also welcomes non-Turkic members who are interested in Turkic culture and already organized many gatherings to form stronger bonds between students. The “Whirling Dervishes” event at Brisbane is also being co-organized by this young and ambitious group

The club guarantees “delicious food; warm environment and happy smiles as well as little bit of learning about the unique culture of Turkic people” on their Facebook fan page. If you would like to be a part of this peerless experience; visit their page to join

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