The largest Turkish supermarket in Sydney

The largest Turkish supermarket in Sydney

Gima supermarket in Sydney has long been the primary meeting point for those who want to live the Turkish supermarket experience.

Parking at Gima Supermarket

Like other supermarket chains, the Auburn store has it’s own customer parking and unless you visit on a public holiday, you can always find parking space.

Largest Turkish food stock in Sydney

You can find a diverse variety of Turkish soft drinks including gazoz, ayran and fruit juice types. You can also explore their rich range of Turkish dairy products including sheep, goat and cow milk feta cheeses, aged cheese or other regional cheeses like haloumi or tulum as well as various Turkish yoghurt brands and other dairy products like cream.

Turkish bread varieties

You can find bread types from different parts of Turkey. Apart from the so-called “Turkish bread” you may find in other stores, here you will find the real Turkish bread Turkish folk normally would consume. Try the healthy Trabzon bread, or why not have your next breakfast with the sesame covered Turkish bagel “simit”? You may also indulge in scrumptious pastries called “pogaca”.

Borek in Sydney! How about Hamsi-tava in Sydney?

The supermarket also offers a diverse range of frozen food section which hosts hard-to-find products like Turkish anchovies (hamsi) or Albanian style liver (Arnavut ciger) as well as homemade kofte, manti and borek varieties.

Halal Turkish butchery

It is important to note, that there is a halal butchery inside the supermarket which means you can also find halal meat and poultry as well as cured meats.

Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, Bulgur, Turkish biscuit and cookies, Turkish olives, Sujuk and Turkish feta

Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, Bulgur, Turkish biscuit and cookies, Turkish olives, Sujuk and Turkish feta

Turkish goodies

Finally if you are after popular Turkish cookies biscuits, snacks, rice, bulgur, kuru-yemish (dry fruits), desserts types, marinated and fresh olives, as well as non-food stuff for your home, you will find them all at the Gima Supermarket.

Balkan and middle-eastern goodies too!

It is fair to say you can find pretty much anything you are after that is Turkish, or from the Ottoman diaspora (including middle-eastern or Balkan).

Address for Gima Supermarket

Gima Markets & Gifts
31-35 Queen Street, Auburn NSW 2144
(02) 9749 4588 ‎

Hours of operation for Gima Supermarket

Hours:  9:00 am – 9:00 pm

How to get to Gima Supermarket

Transit: Auburn Railway Station (325 m N) North Shore & Western

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