The longest single-arch stone bridge of the Balkans is destroyed

The longest single-arch stone bridge of the Balkans is destroyed

The “Plaka” bridge was built by Ottoman Turks in 1866 near Pramanta village in western part of Greece near the city of Arta. The Epirus region has been hit by floods after receiving heavy rain last week. The strong wind and the rising water contributed to the collapse of the historic Ottoman stone bridge. The flood also damaged roads, farmlands, infrastructure and many properties in the region.

The newly elected Greek PM Cipras said he was sad that the historic bridge was destroyed but happy that so far there had been loss of life reported. PM Cipras also said they would restore the bridge and that The Greek Ministry of Culture were working on a plan to save and restore the historic monuments that were affected in the region including the Ottoman stone bridge.

People living in the region were reported to be very upset about the fall of the bridge. The poor condition of the bridge has been reported to the Greek government multiple times since 2007 but nothing has been done to protect the historic Ottoman bridge.

The bridge was built in 3 months in 1866 by the Ottoman Turks. The bridge which has a length of 61 meters and a height of 19 meters, is considered the largest single-arched stone bridge in the Balkans. The design and the size of the bridge were similar to the Mostar Bridge in Bosnia.

Meanwhile rest of Greece is also hit by effective rain. The floods caused the interruption of train service between Athens and Thessaloniki. It is also reported that Kozani-Kalamia highway was closed due to rain.

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