Turkey is building an entire new “eco-city” powered by pistacchios
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Turkey is building an entire new “eco-city” powered by pistacchios

Turkey is building an entire new “eco-city” powered by pistacchios

Turkey is planing to build a new “eco-city” near the pistacchio capital Gaziantep and green building experts from the city want to use energy from pistachio shells to keep the new city running.

The new eco-city will host roughly 200,000 residentsand will be located roughly six miles outside of Gaziantep.

The Turkish word for the pistachio literally translates “Antep nut,” which explains the importance of pistacchios to the city..

Turkish farmers exported 6,800 tons of pistachios in 2013, worth roughly $80 million, and more than half of them were produced in Gaziantep.

A French engineering firm, first discovered that burning pistachios can be harvested as clean, renewable energy, and that the local variety is naturally the best suited for the mission.

It is estimated that up to 60 percent of the region could be powered by renewables.

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