A Cinematic Delight – Turkish Film Festival Australia 2014

A Cinematic Delight – Turkish Film Festival Australia 2014

The 4thTurkish Film Festival celebrates an exceptional year of achievement for Turkish cinema following Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s WINTER SLEEP receiving the Palme d’Or and Kaan Mujdeji’s SIVAS awarded the Special Jury Prize at Venice.

The festival is an opportunity to experience a national cinema described as “visual splendour, minimalist and provocative”.

Unutursam Fisilda/”Whisper If I forget”

We open with Cagan Irmak’s latest film Unutursam Fisilda/Whisper If I forget, starring a stellar cast of new and veteran actors.

Pek Yakinda/”Coming soon”

Other films include Cem Yilmaz’s anticipated comedy Pek Yakinda/Coming Soon, Zafer (Cem Yilmaz) secretly plans to shoot a film, starring his wife Arzu and return of a forgotten leading actor Boğac Boray to Turkish silver screen. The film is a 1977 sci fi fantasy referencing the bygone years of “Yesilcam” the Turkish Hollywood. The program also includes award-winning film

Across the Sea/Deniz Seviyesi
Deniz Seviyesi is a coming-of-age tale about a woman going back and forth between two countries and two men.

Gelin / The Bride
The recently restored classic The Bride from Lutfi Ömer Akad’s veil trilogies. The film, which won three awards, including best film, at the 5th Adana “Golden Boll” International Film Festival, was voted one of the 10 Best Turkish Films by the Ankara Cinema Association. Akad uses the experiences of a provincial family as his medium and one the most acclaimed films of the ‘rural -urban migration’ genres well know in Turkish Film History. Contemporary Turkish directors like Ceylan and Kaplanoglu are known to revisit this genre with films of a longing for the past, displacement and urban isolation.

Festival attending guests include:

  • Kaan Mujdeci, promising Turkish director, will attend the Turkish Film Festival Melbourne screenings following Tokyo International Film Festival and Asia Pacific Film Festival Brisbane later this month, with his movie “Sivas” about the story of a boy and an injured dog. It has been a triumphant year for Mujdeci with several awards for SIVAS in Venice and Antalya Film Festival. Q&A with the Director will follow the screening of SIVAS on the 20 Dec at ACMI, fed square
  • Esra Saydam and Nisan Dag, U.S.-educated and trained independent Turkish film makers, produce movies in the U.S. and Turkey for international audiences. Esra Saydam and Nisan Dag will discuss ‘Across the Sea’ (Q&A on 19 Dec ACMI, fed square) a drama-comedy, that takes place in New York City and Ayvalik and the recognition of young Turkish female filmmakers
  • Actor Ahmet Rifat Sungar known for his outstanding  performance  as the brooding son ‘Ismail’ in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s  internationally acclaimed film Three Monkeys (2008), has  continued his praised  performance with Soguk (2013) and Sirket.c (2012) and this year with ‘Across the Sea’ . Sungar meets the audience at screening and Q&A on the 19 Dec ACMI, fed square
  • Sureyya Guzel is an actor, known for films Do Not Forget Me Istanbul (2011) and Lifelong (2013) .She accompanies the cast and crew of ‘Across the Sea’ and audience will have an opportunity to meet her and discuss the current waves of female characters and leads in Turkish cinema and the phenomena of Turkish soapies in recent years

In its 4th year the festival will cement the foundations for 2015 and plans to be among a host of gala festivities and cultural shows that have been planned as the two Nations gear to commemorate the 100th year of the ANZAC landing.

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