Crowe under fire for Gallipoli comments

Crowe under fire for Gallipoli comments

Actor Russel Crowe sparked a national debate with his comments on Gallipoli while promoting his new movie “The Water Diviner” on Channel 7 last night.

“..You know, I think, after 100 years, it’s time to expand that mythology. And I think we should be mature enough as a nation to take into account the story that the other blokes have to tell. You know because we did invade a sovereign nation that we’ve never had an angry word with..” Crowe said.

The Gladiator star said he was surprised to learn the number of dead from the Turkish side in Gallipoli and pointed out that the waste of human life in war was more important than the heroism side of the war.

Although many Australians supported the Gladiator star’s views, RSA and RSL representatives criticized the Oscar-winning actor.

Crowe’s latest movies, The Water Diviner is about an Australian man traveling to Turkiye after the Battle of Gallipoli in hopes of locating his three missing sons. Prominent Turkish actors Yilmaz Erdogan and Cem Yilmaz are also in the movie.


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