Top 5 Yilmaz Erdogan Movies

Top 5 Yilmaz Erdogan Movies

The Water Diviner star Yilmaz Erdogan is more than an actor. He is a prominent filmmaker, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and a poet. Below we listed the top 5 movies of the AACTA winning actor.

Vizontele (2001)
The movie depicts the arrival of the first TV to the town of Gevas in eastern part of Turkey in 1974. Yilmaz Erdogan was the screenwriter and the director for the movie. He also played “Deli Emin” (Emin the lunatic), the town genius/village idiot, who gets on the mission to operate the first TV.

Vizontele Tuuba (2004)
The sequel to Vizontele, Vizontele Tuuba is set in the same town following up on the original story. The story centers around a government official (Tarik Akan) Guner who, with his wife and their wheelchair bound daughter, has been assigned as the head librarian to this isolated province because of his left-leaning political toughts. The family is warmly welcome, but these are the years of political anarchy and leftist/rightist clashes in big cities and the youth of the village inevitably follow the tides. Guner brings wisdom; his daughter Tuba brings beauty, innocence and love. Some like the Mayor, Nazmi Dogan and crazy Emin (Yilazm Erdogan) appreciate these things but they are in the minority and confusion continues to reign. The story is based on the memories of writer-director Yılmaz Erdogan of the last summer of his childhood in Hakkari, Turkey in 1980.

Organize İşler (2005)
Yilmaz Erdogan plays the small-time hoodlum Asim, who recruits a failed comic/Superman impersonator (Tolga Cevik) into his gang. Outside Turkey, the movie is known as “Magic Carpet Ride”.

Neşeli Hayat (2009)
Yilmaz Erdogan stars as a working class down-on-his-luck Turkish man who accepts a job as a Mall Santa in this movie. The movie spotlights Turkey’s east-west divide. A memorable segment from the movie depicts Yilmaz Erdogan as a bearded, costumed Riza enters a waiting room and extends the traditional Muslim greeting “A salamun aleyekum” to four other mall Santas, who answer back without looking up “aleykum salam.”

The Water Diviner (2014)
Yilmaz Erdogan with Russell Crow in the award winning Anzac themed movie. Crowe plays the Australian farmer Connor who travels to Turkey to find his three sons who went missing after the Gallipoli battle. Major Hasan (Yilmaz Erdogan) helps him.

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